About Benchmadesales

Retails blades from Benchmade manufacturers, We specialize in assisted opening, fixed, and automatic blades from some of the best blade manufacturers in the world.

Benchmadesales is built on three solid principles:
Offers the widest selection of quality products
Provide true value pricing
provide excellent service


Benchmadesales has an incredibly wide range of projects. The focus is on variety and quality. You can view and compare thousands of products from the best manufacturers. Our goal is to make all types of tableware products available everywhere – from pizza tools to combat knives – and to that end, we’re constantly adding and indexing new products. When you want to buy an item, you can see what’s really available on the world market, not just what the local retailer decides to carry.


If you shop and compare, you will find our prices are the lowest. We have established long-term relationships with most manufacturers and distributors and are always looking for new and better sources and prices. When we get a special offer on a product, it appears directly on the specials page to pass the savings on to you. Also, note that there aren’t any “hidden costs” like you’ve seen elsewhere. We charge the same for cash or fees, and we charge shipping very close to what we have to pay – unlike many mail order companies you may have dealt with.


Every business is a service business. We want you, our visitors and customers, to be satisfied. First, your purchase is backed by our guarantee that you will be satisfied. You can return any item you have purchased from us within 60 days in its original packaging and condition for a full refund of the purchase price or credit. This excludes custom and semi-custom projects that have their own rules. Please see our Return Policy.

Additionally, we will work hard to maintain the speed of the site. Images are kept small and mostly placed deep within the site so you don’t have to wait for long downloads that you don’t want to see.

Every client should be respected and prioritized, and we strive to make that happen. The best return so far has been the many reader reviews we have received from satisfied customers who appreciate the work done to meet their needs.

Receive daily questions on many different topics by phone and email from faraway places on Earth. We try to respond to every question, but the email system is not perfect and many messages go undelivered. So if you don’t get a response, please don’t take it personally and try again.

Your personal information is handled confidentially. Our orders are as safe as possible. We use security software to encrypt all transactions. All our records are “firewalls” from outsiders. Your order will be processed in the most efficient way so that you receive your item as soon as possible.

I hope you find our web area a pleasant and informative place to buy our products. Here you can view, compare and learn about the many tableware-related items on the market today. Like most large sites, this one is constantly growing, and if you visit often, you know that Benchmadesales changes almost every day. We believe in online commerce and believe it can provide citizens of the world with more variety of goods and information about those goods than any other medium.

We value the feedback we get from our customers so that the site can get better all the time. Let me thank all our clients; new as well as our regulars . We would not be able to proceed without your support and feedback. So, keep checking!
sincere thanks,


Cassiel Darby–CEO